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Exterior Packages        

                              No Limit Rejuvenator Shine          
                         (our most popular exterior service)

Rejuvenate your car finish with this polishing process, which removes holograms, minor swirl marks and scratches. This is for vehicles with light to moderately damaged finishes and includes the following:

  • wash and dry
  • claybar (removes dirt and contaminates from the finish)
  • machine polish to revitalize the finish

For a longer lasting shine, seal with carnuba wax or one year paint sealant.

Rejuv Shine
Add carnuba (teflon)
Add paint sealant
X Lge

No Limit Perfect-It Finish (paint correction) 
By estimate only

Paint restoration is our specialty and it is where we excel. It is for the car owner who is passionate about the appearance and value of their vehicle for that perfect or near perfect finish. We are skilled and trained in the process, which is for moderate to heavily damaged finishes.  To ensure the most reflective shine, we remove environmental fall-out, ground-in dirt, swirl marks, scratches, holograms, and bird droppings. It can include the following steps:

  •  wet sanding                              
  • claybaring
  • compounding
  • polishing
  • application of a  protective coat (to extend the life of the shine)
  • application of touch-up paint (if necessary)

We begin by evaluating the current condition of the car finish. We then recommend a service that fits your needs and budget.

No Limit Paint Protection
This service is an application of a protective paint sealant that can last one year up to three years, depending on the maintenance of the finish. Please contact us for pricing.

No Limit Protective Coatings
Coming soon!